• Web Design & Development

    We’ve build website for entrepreneurs to established financial houses. Providing  initial idea, design, build, host, maintenance website and support for various industry sector clients.

  • E-Commerce Solutions

    We build fast, efficient and easy to use E-commerce stores using PrestaShop's e-commerce solution providing everything you need to operate a successful online store

  • Digital Marketing

    At 52nd we help client to identify and optimise their Digital Media Strategies, using various online channels and online tools.

  • CRM Solutions

     Our customised CRM options are helpful to a wide range of businesses and are  affordable . easy to use and maintain.


  • Client consultation

    Before we create a website for your company we consult you for your vision and ambition for your website. Upon knowing your needs we start with our research.

  • Wireframing

    Wireframes are  line drawings that demonstrate where particular elements will be placed within a web design. These wireframes allow overview of the functionality and structure of a website, prior to its design.

  • Design drafts

    These are the first initial drafts of your design. This helps you to get a clearer picture of your website and it's functionality. At this point changes can still be made to your design. It will be up to you to provide feedback on the design and suggest any re-works you require.

  • Final Design

     Once you finalise your design draft our developer will develop your website. It will then pass through 2 quality control check before it is shown to you for your final approval.


  • Consistent shop-front experience

    Our E-Commerce websites have a consistent front -shop experience. This way the customers can zoom on the products, see different colours, sizes and also available stock. We also have compare products function and on sale category. This gives a customer a shop like experience with minimal clicks.

  • Absolute security

    Our E-Commerce websites are powered by a proven multi layered security systems. This builds confidence in your customer while they are shopping on your website. The multi- layered security has been awarded the best security system in the past and is constantly innovation itself everyday.

  • Complete credibility

    A professional looking websites makes a mark the moment a customer arrives on your website. Spending your hard owned money on adverts and not having a professional looking E-Commerce website beats the purpose. Our attractive looking website make your customers stay on the website longer and eventually create more sales.

  • Create trust and make sales

    No trust, no sale. Our E-Commerce websites have certain elements integrated into them which makes the customer trust your website. This eventually lead to more sale and have a better customer relation.


  • Business Growth

    With our customised CRM solutions you will be able to understand and connect with your customers to grow your business. You will be able to target your high value customers more and see an increase in your sales volume.

  • Reduce Cost

    Most CRM will price you per user or monthly fee which turns out to be expensive in a longer run. With our open source fully secured CRM you will lower your cost and do not pay for unnecessary higher license fees.
  • Better Integration

    Unlike other CRM systems a customised CRM solutions helps you to integrate your businesses essential aspect to the software. This will create a no hassle solution for your business and help your departments save time and concentrate on important task for your business.

  • Easy Functions

    Our CRM comes with a host of easy functions which makes your Sales team's task very easy. While you concentrate on your sales our CRM will make sure that you reach your goal.