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Our solutions are cost effective and well researched
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  • Product Development

    We are a bunch of creative entrepreneurs working together to deliver a broad range of logical, innovative & functional products.


  • E-Commerce Solutions

    We build fast, efficient and easy to use E-commerce stores using PrestaShop's e-commerce solution providing everything you need to operate a successful online store

  • Digital Marketing

    At 52nd we help client to identify and optimise their Digital Media Strategies, using various online channels and online tools.

  • CRM Solutions

     Our customised CRM options are helpful to a wide range of businesses and are  affordable . easy to use and maintain.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • 100% Pure

    • 100% Pure & Highest Quality Himalayan Salt: Professionally hand-carved Himalayan rock salt from Pakistan makes the Kana Salt Lamp the perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, graduations, thank-yous, and other special occasions.
  • Highest Quality

    • The Highest Quality Natural Salt Lamp: When lit with the included 15 watt bulb, the lamp radiates a warm, amber glow, providing a calming atmosphere. Ideal for the center of a coffee table or desk. Great for meditation, yoga spaces, a night light, or on your bedside table.
  • Approved and Safe

    • FCC, CE, ROHS Approved: While size, color, and shape may vary from one lamp to another owing to the natural variations in Himalayan crystal salt weight, you’ll always get a quality product.
  • Warranty

    • Always Supported: 1-year warranty and lifetime support from St@llion. If you have any questions, just send us a message and our team will be here to listen.
    • Product Details: 
      • Country of Manufacture: Pakistan
      • EAN: 5055580300052
      • Material: Natural Rock Salt with wooden base


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  • Business Growth

    With our customised CRM solutions you will be able to understand and connect with your customers to grow your business. You will be able to target your high value customers more and see an increase in your sales volume.

  • Reduce Cost

    Most CRM will price you per user or monthly fee which turns out to be expensive in a longer run. With our open source fully secured CRM you will lower your cost and do not pay for unnecessary higher license fees.
  • Better Integration

    Unlike other CRM systems a customised CRM solutions helps you to integrate your businesses essential aspect to the software. This will create a no hassle solution for your business and help your departments save time and concentrate on important task for your business.

  • Easy Functions

    Our CRM comes with a host of easy functions which makes your Sales team's task very easy. While you concentrate on your sales our CRM will make sure that you reach your goal.

  • St@llion Scissors

    St@llion scissors are a design icon. The recently launched range of scissors is getting popular than ever. So, no matter how tough the cutting challenge, you can rest assured we have the scissors for you.

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  • Scissors

    Product description

    Reliable and incredible value, these Scissors from the St@llion Range are an essential tool for every sewing box! These robust scissors ensure neat and precise cutting for all your fabrics. They can be used to cut a variety of materials, whether you're designing patchworks, garments, sewing projects and more!

    The scissors provide a clean, sharp cut with minimal fray and are very easy to use. These scissors are shaped to a comfort grip design, ensuring that cutting your fabrics to size is effortless and convenient!

    These St@llion Stainless Steel Scissors are finished with a comfort grip. Each pack contain 2 individual sets of scissors in different sizes.

    • Scissors can be used for a range of uses in the home, including crafts, food preparation, gardening and many other things.
    • These scissors are just perfect for all your household needs.
    • Its super sharp blades are ideal for accurate cutting of smaller or larger pieces, trimming seam allowances and giving a clean, fine cut paper.
    • The soft grip handles enable very comfortable and precise working.
    • It can be opened and closed with minimal effort.
    • It has high-quality handles that will not snap and retains the spring action.
    • The scissors are lightweight but durable and really comfortable to use & handle.
    • Just keep it away from your children.
    • EAN:  9378473408595
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